Work packages

Happy project partners at the kickoff meeting in Stavanger, april 2018.

Happy project partners at the kickoff meeting in Stavanger, april 2018. Photo: Lidunn M. Boge, Nofima


The work in iNOBox is divided into nine different work packages:

1. Management and coordination

The project manager coordinates the efforts in the various work packages, and ensure good progress and good internal communication among the project partners.

Project leader: Tone Mari Rode, Nofima

2. Design and optimization of innovative solutions for agri-food processing (IPT)

We will optimize market-driven technological solutions and integrate IPT technologies at various points in the food value chain. We will do this through five different technical solutions:

  • Plasma-activated water to decontaminate fresh produce.
  • UV light in the processing of meat products.
  • A combination of microwaves and press vacuum-packed meat and vegetables, as well as pumpable foods.
  • High pressure processing with CO2 on products with milk and eggs.
  • Pulsed Electric Fields technology and ultrasound to dry, freeze and thaw meat and vegetables.

Leader: Dagbjørn Skipnes, Nofima

3. Microbiological safety and quality of innovative agri-food products

We will evaluate the microbiological food safety and physiochemical, sensory and functional properties of the products from work package 2. We will choose specific criteria for e.g. shelf life, pH, water activity and texture for each product, depending on the rules of safety, quality and health, and their relevance to industry partners.

Leader: Tone Mari Rode, Nofima

4. Evaluation of changes in the component composition and allergenicity of innovative agri-food products

Processing can lead to changes in allergenicity of food proteins and composition of food components, which has to be evaluated before the authorisation and market launch of novel products. Allergenicity (the ability of food proteins to elicit allergic reactions) and toxicology (possible negative effects caused by specific bioactive food components) have to be reported when IPT technologies are introduced. We will therefore assess products investigated in work package 2 with regard to potential changes in the composition and the allergenicity of major food allergens, and estimate their consequences for human health.

Leader: Christiane Fæste, Veterinary Institute

 5. Nutritional value and bioaccessibility of innovative agri-food products

We will evaluate nutritional value and bioaccessibility (to what extent nutrients are available for uptake in the body) for relevant nutrients in IPT products.

Leader: Bente Kirkhus, Nofima

6. Sustainability of innovative solutions for agri-food processing

We will assess the environmental and social sustainability to find out what impact the IPTs have on the food industry. Life cycle analyzes will support partners in the development of new processes or products during the project.

Leader: Simon Saxegård, Norsus

7. Consumer and marketing strategy

We will identify how information about the benefits of different IPT technologies can affect consumers’ attitudes of other such technologies. We will also develop a decision support tool to help businesses create credible communication and marketing strategies that can increase the consumers’ acceptance of IPT products.

Leader: Themis Altintzoglou, Nofima

8. Future scenario design and innovation space development

We will assess the impact of regulation on opportunities for innovation in the five technical solutions in work package 2. We will also develop an innovation space for IPT technologies using future scenarios and backcasting methods.

Leader: Sveinung Grimsby, Nofima

9. Development of network tools, communication and knowledge transfer

We will develop an easy-to-use web site where anyone can access scientific knowledge, technical information and current regulations for the various uses and products of the IPT technologies. The website becomes a useful tool for making good decisions about investment, process and product development for Norwegian food producers. It also becomes a knowledge base for professionals and authorities who need to understand the technologies and their impact on products and processes. We also ensure that stakeholders are informed throughout the project, through an updated website, social media and newsletters.

Leader: Lidunn M. Boge, Nofima