Covid challenges for iNOBox

© K Milkowski - stock.adobe

Due to travel restrictions and closed laboratories, several project activities have been delayed.

iNOBox is a large project, and we have had a number of activities with many partners since the start in 2018. Like many other projects and companies, we have had to make some changes to our plans over the past year.

“Large trials often require many participants. This has been challenging, and sometimes it has been impossible to combine with current covid restrictions. Therefore, we have unfortunately had to postpone several of the activities that should have been completed in 2020”, says project manager Tone Mari Rode.

The biggest challenges have been related to large milk and juice experiments with a tubular microwave system. Activities have long been planned with our industrial partner AMT, but we have not succeeded in carrying them out. These trials are almost a year late, but the project manager hopes they can be carried out in March.

“We have also planned for research stays abroad, and for foreign researchers to come and work at Nofima in 2020. At present it is uncertain whether it is possible to carry out a research stay in Spain this spring, but we hope to be able to welcome a Spanish PhD student at Nofima in September”, says Rode.